Saturday, January 23, 2021

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22 Million in Assets Seized from Drug Kingpin “Hia Kao” in Chiang Mai

The arrest is tied to another arrest from July 2020. When: January 22nd, 2021 Where: Mae Chaem district, Chiang Mai province Perpetrators: Mr. Prasit Sak, alias Hia...

100 Pairs of Women’s Panties Stolen by Man at Luxury Moobaan in Udon Thani

The panties were found in a nearby forest. When: January 21st, 2021 Where: Ban Chan subdistrict, Udon Thani Perpetrators: Unknown panty thief Victim: Over 100 pairs of panties What:...

Child Model Agent Arrested for Sexually Exploiting Over 100 Children

High profile Thai actress speaks on the problems in the industry.

“K-Powder Milk” Investigation Leads to Gun Fight and 1 Smuggler Dead; Questions Remain About Source, Possible Ties to Myanmar

The drug smuggler, Ple Kamphaeng Saen, was shot dead in Nakhon Pathom When: January 19th, 2021 Where: Nakhon Pathom Perpetrators: Ple Kamphaeng Saen; Bang Min; Mr. Little;...

2 Million Baht in Gold Swiped from Department Store by Armed Robber in Korat

Authorities aren't sure if it was a man or woman robber.

Original Reports

Si Ouey – ซีอุย: The True Story of Thailand’s Infamous Child Killer & Cannibal

Every Thai child knows that if they misbehave, Si Ouey will be around the corner to get them and eat their livers.

Review of Operation Mekong: The Straight Dope

The movie hooked us harder than a fiend on a batch of Naw Kham’s yaba. But we're not buying whatever it's trying to sell us.

Myanmar’s Apocalyptic Bust: The Story of Asia’s Biggest Drug Seizure that You Never Heard About

We write about busts nearly daily. 1 million yaba tabs here, 30 kilos of ice there. You ain't seen nothing yet.