Saturday, September 11, 2021

The Archives: Bernard Trink Writes about Thais Assaulting Farang on Koh Samui

The infamous owl.

The Archives is a fun and informative exploration about historical and true crime stories from Thailand’s past. The country has a storied and legendary history when it comes to sordid and true crime. We will be exploring the past and publishing our findings as we come across ones worthy of sharing.

Today, we go into the archives of Bernard Trink, from a column he wrote on February 15th, 1997.

Bernard Trink, the infamous columnist of The Nite Owl column in the Bangkok Post, wrote about a letter he received in 1997. The details went as follows.

A farang in Chiang Mai described how he took a late night walk along the road at Lamai Beach on Koh Samui. He was approached by three Thai men. Two of them chatted the farang up, and the third, using the other two as a partial screen, lunged over the top of them and plunged a knife into the chest of the farang – barely missing his lung.

The farang lost a lot of blood and barely survived. He was robbed, as well. A couple other farang were attacked that night on Koh Samui.

A reward was offered but nothing came of it. Police claimed it was the work of an outsider gang not native to the island. The letter asks Trink why the Bangkok Post didn’t report on the crime.

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Trink’s response? The paper had reporters working in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, and a few scattered upcountry, but not every province is covered. And that’s the reason why the crime didn’t hit the paper – it simply was an unknown.

Trink further relates how the Bangkok Post was accused for omitting crime stories as to not tarnish the image of the Kingdom, a claim he denies.

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