Saturday, May 8, 2021

Gang of 9 Thai Women Busted for Romance Scam

Where do I learn to make cool charts like that?

The scam raked in 10 million baht in 3 short months. A quick buck, sure. Now it’s off to jail.

When: November 26th, 2020

Where: Khon Kaen

Perpetrator: 9 Thai women; several African scammers

Victims: Several lonely souls

What: Police busted 4 women in Thailand today for their involvement in a sophisticated and profitable romance scam. After further investigation police turned up 5 more Thai women involved in the operation, several who live in Malaysia. The investigation also turned up African scammers who ran the operation from abroad.

The scheme netted the gang over 10 million baht in ill-gotten cash just since September of this year. Their set up was simple. The Thai girls chatted up other desperate Thais while pretending to be a foreign man or woman. A rendezvous date would be set up with the mark in Thailand. On the date of the meeting, the scammer would call up the mark and say they were detained at the immigration checkpoint, and they needed a cash transfer. The promise would be that the money would be refunded when they met up.

The screw twisted tighter when another scammer, now pretending to be an officer, would call the mark and tell them if the money’s not transferred, their detained lover would be tossed in jail. The money often came through shortly after.

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My take: We always read about scams like this and think, “that’d never be me!” But yet the scams continue and at a profitable clip. Let’s be frank. 10 million baht in 3 months is nothing to shake a stick at, especially for a group of 9 Thai women and a few Africans in Malaysia.

But it just makes me think. The whole scam is like rubbing salt in the wounds of those lonely souls who are the most prone for falling for something like this. I don’t abide scammers, and I think the Thai justice system should throw the book at these crooks.

Link: https://www.khaosod.co.th/crime/news_5408013

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