Thursday, October 21, 2021

Thai Shaman Calls on Dead Spirit to Find Killer

We’ve got some supernatural pointing going on!

If something happens to me, call the Fish Doctor.

When: November 11th, 2020

Where: Wang Chan sub district, Kaeng Krachan district, Phetchaburi province

Perpetrator: unknown

Victims: Ms. Kanya Phakchatthong, 46 years

What: Ms. Phakchatthong, a former karaoke waitress, was found dead, her body burned and “charred like charcoal.” The killer remained a mystery until the supernatural got involved.

Enter one Mhor Pla (หมอปลา, literally “fish doctor”), an infamous Ajarn character with a reputation. Many in Thailand following Mhor Pla for his uncanny ability to contact the dead, especially as it relates to unsolved murders.

Mhor Pla showed up to the location where Ms. Phakchatthong’s burned body was found. He met the deceased’s mother there with the intent to solve the crime. Mhor Pla tried contacted the deceased through his medium abilities but fell short. He didn’t come back from the spirit world empty handed, however. He told the mother frankly that there was only one killer and that the woman was murdered in another location but burned here to conceal the crime.

The killer remains on the loose.

My take: There are two ways to look at this. The first is that there may be a certain solace for the deceased’s relatives to call on spiritual guidance in an attempt to reconcile their grief. Perhaps this would be the bargaining stage of grief. But it’s a whole other matter to put on a show and exploit the emotions of those left in the wake of a brutal and particularly heinous murder. At the end of the day, I’m agnostic to these sorts of things. Let’s hope real detectives get in there and mete out justice and serve it cold to the killer.

Link: https://www.ejan.co/news/5fab4b9b045bd

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