Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Team of Nuns Swindle 7 Million Baht from Lay Followers in Nakhon Phanom

One nun flaunted a double life on Facebook, flirting with a Tom, wearing a wig, and taking selfies at flower farms — meanwhile bilking devotees out of millions at the temple.

On April 27th, 2021, police in the Nong Yat subdistrict of Nakhon Phanom raided a meditation center ran by a team of four nuns identified as Ms. Isaree Ichaiya, aged 49, who claimed to be Phraya Thammikarat (พระยาธรรมิกราช in Thai), or the living embodiment of a legendary royal monk; Ms. Darunee Chantanam, or the Nun Thongpoon; Ms. Pailin Soonthornsuwan, or the Nun Cartoon (I am not making this detail up); and Mrs. Kitiya or Ploen Klawas.

The team of four crooked nuns.

Ms. Isaree claims that she is a noble monk in the body of a nun. She claims to have established a Jungle Cloth Fund to help the poor. Ms. Isaree and her team of crooked nuns used this fund as a cover for swindling hundreds of lay devotees out of a reported 7 million baht.

Ms. Isaree — a holy monk trapped in a nun’s body.

The scheme operated by Ms. Isaree asking her followers to make merit by donating 3,555 baht to start. Days later they would receive 1 Salung of gold worth roughly 6,000 baht.

At first the payments were made and people were impressed with the seemingly magic way that money was being materialized by Ms. Isaree, acting as a holy monk trapped inside a nun’s body.

3,555 baht magically turns into about 6,000 baht in gold.

One victim, Mrs. Jang, aged 44, donated over 103,000 baht because she saw so many others that believed the scheme would work. In fact, she did double her money on the first 15,000 baht she donated — but the rest of the money just disappeared.

When the money stopped getting paid out as promised, Ms. Isaree told people to keep everything a secret. She advised her lay followers to not tell anyone. Don’t say too much. Don’t ask any questions.

And if they did — Ms. Isaree warned that they’d leave the meditation center and die in a car crash.

One victim said that no questions were to be asked when he went inside the center. He also saw that monks were bowing to the nuns, which is out of order from the traditional Buddhist hierarchy in Thailand.

Once word spread that the money wasn’t going to be paid, people ignored the deathly warnings of Ms. Isaree and over 150 of the victims went to the Tha Uthen Police station to report over 7 million baht that had been stolen. The victims gave evidence to investigators in the case.

All four nuns have been detained and are in the Nakhon Phanom special prison.

There’s also allegations that three of the nuns: Ms. Isaree, Ms. Chantanam, and Ms. Pailin, also known as the Nun Cartoon, all had sex while wearing the white garbs of the nun.

The Nun Cartoon’s Facebook page was full of pictures of her wearing a wig, with makeup, and taking photos with a Tom lover. She also had a TikTok with her dancing and singing along to the different songs on that platform.

That wig though!

One of the Nun Cartoon’s Tom friends told the press that Nun Cartoon met her at a shopping mall in Nakhon Phanom and gifted the Tom a birthday present. The nun invited the Tom to the scheme that the nuns were running butthe Tom refused the offer because of the way the Nun Cartoon was acting, and thus avoided becoming a victim.

The Tom who was smart enough not to be duped.

Video of the nuns:

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