Friday, September 17, 2021
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Pig Farmer Murders 3 Lao National Workers in Surat Thani; Husband, Wife, and 5 Year Old Child Are The Victims

The killer was the son of the pig farm owner -- he claimed jealousy as the motive, as the male victim "flirted with his wife."

M16, Silencer, and Other Illegal Firearms Seized in Surat Thani

He paid 40,000 baht for the M16 and ordered it online.

Man Shot Four Times for Revving Loud Motorbike Engine in Surat Thani

The victim was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

2 Arrested for Illegally Harvesting Valuable Timber on Koh Samui

The timber is valued for its durable qualities.

2 Gunmen Stick Up Convenience Store on Koh Samui for 3,600 Baht

The shopkeeper took off his gold necklace that night out of fear of rising crime.

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Man Arrested for Tricking 14 Year Old Boys Into Sex Chats; He Set Up Profile as Beautiful Woman

Mr. Chayanont confessed that he had sexual desires for adolescent school boys.