Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Two Nigerians, Four Thais, Arrested After Running Romance Scam on Tinder in Phuket

Police in the Patong district of Phuket have announced the arrest of two Nigerian suspects relating to a romance scam case ran on Tinder....

20 Year Old Russian Knifes Himself in Neck After Breakup with Russian Girlfriend in Phuket

He was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries but is expected to survive.

Motorcycle Taxi Boss Shoots 2 Dead in Phuket

The conflict is unspecified in the report.

2 Shot, 1 Dead, in Phuket; Gunman Upset Over “Laughing Sticker” Sent on Messenger

The shooter was upset over the "laughing stickers" and uploaded a photo of a gun to his Facebook story.

4 Drug Gang Members Taken Down in Phuket

Small busts lead to big busts. Remember that.

Unpaid Debt Drives Mr. Kong to Murder; Beats Man to Death with Baseball Bat in Phuket

Takes some balls or yaba fueled courage to pull that off.

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