Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Pig Farmer Murders 3 Lao National Workers in Surat Thani; Husband, Wife, and 5 Year Old Child Are The Victims

The killer was the son of the pig farm owner — he claimed jealousy as the motive, as the male victim “flirted with his wife.”

On April 2nd, 2021, police received a report of the murder of three individuals on a pig farm in the Kanchanadit district of Surat Thani province. The murders took place late in the evening of April 1st.

The victims have been identified as Lao nationals, husband and wife Mr. Khan Talay, 26 years old; Ms. Thong Bang, 24 years old; and their 5 year old son. The bodies were found with fatal stab wounds. Ms. Thong Bang’s wrist was severed in the attack.

The three victims worked and lived on the pig farm. Mr. Kham Phan, a relative of the deceased, said that they came to work together in Surat Thani from Champasak Province in Laos. A total of 10 family members came from Laos to work, but spread out across different farms: some at palm oil plantations, some at the pig farm, but all near to each other.

The relative said that the deceased never caused conflicts with others. They worked, raised their kid, took them to school, and led a normal life. Locals said the same about the deceased: the husband and wife was good looking and had a cute child. The local community was shocked and saddened by the news of the murders.

More than 40 police officers were deployed to comb the area for evidence in a 10 kilometer radius of the murder scene. They did a thorough search of the pig farm, especially in the pond beside the farm. They used metal detectors to search for the murder weapon.

Initially, police interrogated and took DNA samples from the Burmese and Lao migrant workers employed in the area to verify their identity and potential connection to the murder. Nothing unusual was found.

Later in the day, Mr. Suthisak, 30 years old, the youngest son of the pig farm owner, confessed that he murdered the husband, wife, and young boy.

He confessed to the murders and gave a motive: he had it in his head that Mr. Khan Talay would go flirt with his wife when working. He also said that Mr. Khan Talay accused him of going to flirt with his wife, Ms. Thong Bang. It was a two-way jealousy that gave rise to the feud.

Mr. Suthisak also thought that Mr. Khan Talay was cutting ropes off from a cattle herd he owned, too.

The beef boiled over when Mr. Suthisak decided to murder Mr. Khan Talay. He broke into Mr. Talay’s sleeping quarters and stabbed him to death.

Ms. Thong Bang, the wife, tried to stop the attack on her husband — so Mr. Suthisak slashed her to death, too. In the midst of the melee, the 5 year old boy was injured as he clung to his mother as she was hack to death. Mr. Suthisak made the choice to kill the boy, too.

The killer then went home to wash the blood from his body and change his clothes. He took his blood-soaked clothes about 5 kilometers away and hid them in the forest, and tossed the knife into a well on the farm.

Mr. Suthisak then took his wife to a funeral and acted as if nothing happened.

Mr. Suthisak’s father came to his property and found the three bodies. He reported the incident to police, which launched the investigation.

Mr. Suthisak is in police custody and awaits further legal proceedings.

Video of the murder scene and re-enactment: 

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My take: An absolute tragedy — three young lives lost, a young married couple and their 5 year old boy — because of what?

A spat of jealousy. Is there more to it? There are some reports that police don’t buy the motive — and think drugs may have been involved, as the attack was particularly savage and there was no reason to take the life of the mother and her son.

The son of a pig farm owner — let’s see how long he gets.

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