Wednesday, April 14, 2021

M67 Grenades Used in Attack on Phone Store in Trang

Where did the grenades come from?

Photo of M67 grenade.

On March 4th, 2021, police at the Kantang police station in Trang province received a report of explosions at the Banana Phone Shop in the Kantang district of Trang province.

Investigators found the 3-story commercial building badly damaged. The glass in the front of the shop was blown out, the front wall of the building and plumbing were also damaged. Two vehicles in front of the shop were damaged from the explosion, too.

They found evidence that the explosions came from a grenade attack. The shopkeeper, Ms. Nattawisuwan, aged 42, said that nobody was in the shop during the incident. Nobody was hurt. She said that she had no enemies that she was aware of and nobody else in the shop did either.

Investigators said that a group of teenagers had argued at a grocery store next door to the phone shop.

Mr. Nuttachai Pankaew, the supervisor of the commercial building, said that at around 3AM in the morning there was a loud sound that was like a bomb. He was lying on the second floor when the explosions went off. He opened the window and thought a car had crashed.

He inspected the scene and found the busted plumbing, a hole in the wall, and shrapnel in the walls. He called police to investigate.

The suspects are unidentified at the time of this report. One report said that the suspects had caused trouble in the area before and people were on alert, but nothing had been done like this before.

The explosives team found evidence that M67 grenades were used in the attack.

Photo of M67 grenade being tested at range — not related to incident in Trang.

Video of the explosion aftermath:

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My take: I’ll ask the obvious question: where are these kids getting grenades?

Source: https://www.banmuang.co.th/news/region/225402

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