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Udon Thani Jack, the Knife-Killer, was Disciple of Khmer Black Magic; Ajarn Called in by Police to Assist

Reportedly no amphetamines were found in Jack’s system.

Police take photos of Jack’s Hanuman and wicha arkom.

When: December 6th, 2020

Where: Udon Thani city

Perpetrators: Mr. Ithipon Imphueng, nickname Jack, 31

Victims: Ms. Chalada Phinkham, 22, deceased; Ms. Anchaya Boonyingyuan, 16 , deceased; 6 others injured

Lurid details about the background and motives of the Udon Thani knife-killer known as Jack are slowly leaking to the public. Two reports from December 6th, 2020, detail Jack’s involvement with Khmer black magic and its connection with the case.

Jack was tattooed at a famous temple in the Nong Wua So district of Udon Thani with a Hanuman and “wicha arkom” (วิชาอาคม), or magical inscription. He undertook the study of Khmer magic but was a poor student, according to Ajarn Tae, who was called in by Udon Thani police to assist with the case.

Ajarn Tae got the phone call from police seeking his assistance and he came right away. When the Ajarn arrived the suspect displayed abnormal strength and was nearly impossible to subdue without the help of several officers.

It was also reported that when police apprehended the suspect on Saturday December 5th, Jack was very difficult to subdue.

Ajarn Tae gives interview.

And this is where things become strange. There was no meth in Jack’s system. The hospital which ran tests to detect narcotics in Jack’s system reported that none were found. A doctor also identified no sign of mental illness in the killer.

Ajarn Tae arrived at the police station and performed a special ritual that removed the power of the Hanuman tattoo and “wicha arkom” that reportedly gave Jack his supernatural power.

In a further interview, Ajarn Tae advised that the ceremony was effective. Jack’s abnormal strength weakened. Also, when police tried to subdue the suspect at the police station before, strange electrical phenomena was observed for unknown reasons, making the police uncomfortable.

In a sick confession, Jack reportedly said that he slept well the night

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My take: I’ve taken a personal interest in studying the occult in South East Asia, particularly the practices as found in Thailand, Khmer, and Myanmar. The beliefs and practices arguably predate the arrival of Buddhism in the region, and now the two exist in a parallel syncretic reality.

The average person in the region believes in ghosts, magic, amulets, the power of wicha, sak yant as a given fact of reality, much like you would believe in gravity or the laws of thermodynamics.

The connection to Khmer occult practices to Jack and these killings will confirm what many Thais already believe about Khmer magic: that it’s sinister and full of black magic and evil motives. Our take is more neutral, but the way this case is playing out intrigues us nonetheless.

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