Saturday, March 6, 2021

“K-Powder Milk” Investigation Leads to Gun Fight and 1 Smuggler Dead; Questions Remain About Source, Possible Ties to Myanmar

The drug smuggler, Ple Kamphaeng Saen, was shot dead in Nakhon Pathom

Ple Kamphaeng Saen shot dead.

When: January 19th, 2021

Where: Nakhon Pathom

Perpetrators: Ple Kamphaeng Saen; Bang Min; Mr. Little; the Mikado drug gang

Victim: The overdose victims

What: There have been more updates over the past couple days in the investigation into who is the source of the “k-powder milk” drug that’s led to multiple overdose deaths in Bangkok.

The Bangkok Post reported the arrest of a suspect, Amornthep Chalermwat, alias Un Kiwi, and said he was a prime suspect. But that report is sadly incomplete. There’s much more to the story as it stands.

After the arrest of Un Kiwi in Phetchabun province, they found a larger drug dealer in Nakhon Pathom province known as Ple Kamphaeng Saen (เปิ้ล กำแพงแสน). They found the “k-powder milk” on him. He was shot dead.

There’s a drug cartel called the Mikado (มิคาโดะ) gang that was sending drug runners to a drug factory in Myanmar. They will then smuggle the drugs back into Thailand and to Bangkok. This directly ties Myanmar, specifically the Golden Triangle, to the deadly drug.

The Mikado gang has been active for 10 years, mainly in the Chokchai, Phaholyothin, and Sai Mai areas. They transported and sold drugs in the center of the city from hotels, apartments, taverns, pubs, and universities. They chose these locations for the many escape routes that were available and easy escape routes to Pathum Thani province through Lam Luk Ka district.

The “k-powder milk” drug first hit the Thai press around the first week in January, and was likely on the scene since New Year’s. Even a 10 year old has been caught with the drug.

There are other named associates in the Mikado gang in the report, including Mr. T, Mr. Little, and Bang Min.

Ple Kamphaeng Saen was shot dead in Nakhon Pathom after a gun fight with police on January 18th. A total of 8 bullet wounds were found in his body after a fire fight with police.

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My take: There is a lot more yet to be uncovered as the truth about what happened with these overdose deaths comes out.

The mention in this report about the Mikado gang’s ties to Myanmar are the first time I’d read it in any report.

If you read anything in the English language press about these cases, know that there is 10x more info out there in the Thai press that’s not being reported in English. I will do my best to get it out as much as I can.

Source: https://mgronline.com/local/detail/9640000005214, https://www.komchadluek.net/news/crime/455748

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