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Free IQ Assessment for Thai Kids Aged 6 to 16 – New Year’s Gift from Institute of Forensic Science

The test hopes to find strengths and identify weaknesses in Thai youth.

Info about test in Thai. Translated in article.

When: December 26th, 2020

Where: Thailand

What: Police Colonel Songsak Rak Saksakul, Director of the Institue of Forensic Science, in conjunction with Mr. Somsak Thepsutin, Minister of Justice, will be giving free IQ tests to all Thai children aged 6 to 16 years as a New Year’s gift.

The goal is to find unique talents, highlight strengths, improve weaknesses, and develop youth skills throughout Thailand. The tests are promised to be given without having to wait in long lines.

Results will be received within 7 working days. People can request 3 tests per day, free of charge, for children they look after. The tests will be given between December 28th 2020 and January 15th 2021.

For those interested, you may contact the Forensic Psychiatric Group, Institute of Forensic Science, 9th Floor, Government Center Building B, Chaengwattana, Lak Si, Bangkok, Telephone 02-142-3594 (during office hours) or 086-975-2034 (after office hours).

Minister Songsak said: “It’s a very good gift, because the IQ survey of the Department of Mental Health that’s given to Thai children in the first grade finds that the average IQ is 98.23, which is considered normal. But it’s lower than the median of 100 IQ.

Assessing the cognitive ability in children will help parents know the level of intelligence, and is an index that indicates the ability of their children.

The test can be used in a doctor’s diagnosis, helping them track symptoms of developmental and psychiatric disorders. It includes developmental issues, slow speech, autism, learning disabilities, and ADHD.

It is extremely beneficial to both the parent and the child. Plus, it can help to find the children’s strengths, identity, and weaknesses, to help promote and develop their skills and abilities as well.”

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My take: There’s definitely no harm in administering these tests. In my view, if you’re upset about an IQ test, it probably says more about you than the test itself.

With that said, I’m not sure that the test can identify issues like ADHD or autism. I just haven’t read about any studies that link the two. But they might be out there.

Do any of our readers have any insight there?

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Source: https://www.matichon.co.th/local/crime/news_2501814

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