Saturday, September 11, 2021

Former mucky-muck minister down for fraud and double murder

That 228 million ain’t worth squat where he’s going.

Former deputy commerce Minister Banyin down for fraud and murder.
This guy’s got a mug only a mother could love.

When: September 14th, 2020

Where: Nakhon Sawan province, Takhli district

Perpetrator: Thailand’s former Deputy Commerce Minister Banyin Tangpakorn; and his murderous minions

Victims: Mr. Chuwong sae Tang, contractor; and Mr. Veerachai Sakuntaprasert, brother of Judge Panida

What: Banyin was a bad dude. In February 2020, Banyin and 3 others went up for a fraud trial after forged documents put a cool 228 million baht in their hands. The gang benefited from the fraud at the expense of a wealthy contractor, Mr. Chuwong sae Tang.

The contractor died in a car accident when riding with Banyin. Coincidence, of course.

Banyin led the bunch to kidnap Mr. Veerachai, brother of the judge presiding over his trial. They wanted to use him as a bargaining chip. But they plan went south quick as Mr. Veerachai tried to escape and Banyin’s minions killed him.

They had the body cremated and scattered the remains in the Chao Phraya River.

My take: This story’s ripped from the slushpile of a Hollywood studio. It’s got it all: corrupt mucky-mucks; mysterious accidents; abductions gone bad; even the local flavor of a cremation and the scenic Chao Phraya River.

Let’s hope this Banyin gets the book and never sees the light of day again.

Links: https://www.thaipbsworld.com/ex-deputy-commerce-minister-banyin-pleads-guilty-to-kidnap-and-murder/

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