Sunday, October 24, 2021

Former Cameraman Arrested for Murder in Cold Case Unsolved for 17 Years

Police caught up with Mr. Supat in Lampang province.

Mr. Supat confessing to police.

When: December 25th, 2020

Where: Lampang; Bangkok; Nonthaburi

Perpetrators: Mr. Supat Unmeesri, 48; Mr. Wanchai Penpat

Victims: Mr. Natha Than Ngam Pue

What: At 10:30 PM on Christmas Day, December 25th, 2020, police in Nonthaburi, working with police in Lampang, together arrested Mr. Supat Unmeesri, 48, in front of his home in the Wang Nuea district of Lampang.

The arrest was 17 years in the making. On January 24th, 2003, police in Nonthaburi found the body of Mr. Natha Than Ngam Pue, dead and dumped in a canal. The investigation led police to two suspects: Mr. Wanchai Penpat and Mr. Supat Unmeesri. Mr. Wanchai had already been arrested and prosecuted for the murder.

Mr. Supat fled the scene of the crime by motorbike and hadn’t been seen since. Mr. Supat admitted that he was the person in the arrest warrant in the 17 year old murder case, which was 3 years away from expiring due to statute of limitations.

The confession included the following details. Mr. Supat said he worked as a cameraman filming a drama for a famous production company. On the day of the murder, Mr. Wanchai got drunk and met with Mr. Ngam Pue. The two were described as enemies. Mr. Wanchai hit Mr. Ngam Pue with a steel rod until the victim was unconscious on the ground.

Mr. Wanchai loaded the victim’s body on the motorbike. Mr. Wanchai drove sitting in front, the dead victim sandwiched in the middle, with Mr. Supat in the back holding the dead body upright. Mr. Wanchai and Mr. Supat took the body to a canal and together threw him in.

At the time, according to the confession, they didn’t know if Mr. Ngam Pue was dead or not. Mr. Supat escaped to Lampang province after the incident and had been living there, according to the report, with his wife until being arrested 17 years later for the murder case.

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My take: Some obvious questions that come up in this story. Why did it take 17 years to catch up with Mr. Supat? Who tipped police off to his whereabouts?

That’s a long time to be on the lam. I’d guess that Mr. Supat upset the wrong person and stirred up interest in the case for police to go after him.

We’ll follow up with more details on the case when they’re reported.

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Source: https://www.khaosod.co.th/crime/news_5607993

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