Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Leader of Drug Cartel Fled to Myanmar to Escape Arrest; Snuck Back into Thailand Fleeing COVID-19

He hasn’t been tested for COVID-19 yet.

I just wanted to enjoy the view, Officer!

When: December 3rd, 2020

Where: Doi Sa Ngo Viewpoint, Si Don Mun subdistrict, Chiang Sean district, Chiang Rai province

Perpetrators: Mr. Kriangkrai, nickname O Lai, 29

Victims: Thai society

What: The leader of a drug cartel in Lamphun and Chiang Mai province was arrested today on the Doi Sa Ngo Viewpoint in the mountainous border region of Chiang Rai this morning. He was found camping in a tent, enjoying the cool air according to reports.

The arrest is very timely, considering everything that’s transpiring from the illegal entry of Thai girls working in Myanmar, who have allegedly brought COVID-19 back into Thailand.

Mr. Kriangkrai, nickname O Lai, initially fled to Myanmar after 5 warrants were issued for his arrest by Thai law enforcement. He was wanted for drug sale and distribution, assault, and firearms offenses.

He came back into Thailand recently to escape the COVID-19 epidemic in Myanmar. Police found and arrested him in his tent on the mountain.

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My take: The border region between Myanmar and Thailand is very porous. The cases of COVID-19 that came from the girls who snuck back into the country highlights the problem. But it’s been a problem for a long time. I’d bet that we’ll see more and more cases like this, some with COVID19, in the coming months.

Source: https://www.dailynews.co.th/crime/810577

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