Monday, September 13, 2021
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Two uncannily similar serial killers separated by 100 years and 20 kilometers.

The Nightmare New Year: A Car Accident, Six Days Missing Memory, and Extortion

Nothing haunts more than the unknown. When a story leaves us with more questions than answers, more sleepless nights than satisfied solutions, the world feels a shade more sinister than we'd like.

Public Announcement: Report on Prolific Scammer on Thailand Expat Facebook Groups

This is an original report by True Crime Thailand and a trusted reader.

Original Report: Credit Global App the Next Scam App to Watch Out For; No...

There have been several apps that have been brought up when talking about the Shopping Mall app scam case. One of the others that...

Original Report: “Shopping Mall” Pyramid Scheme Comes to an End

The scheme unraveled on February 8th.

The Cold Deep Sleep: A Fresh Look at the Murder of Charles E. Ditlefsen...

That was just the tip of the iceberg. As sordid details leaked to the press — crime scene photos of a decapitated head on Stickboy...

Si Ouey – ซีอุย: The True Story of Thailand’s Infamous Child Killer & Cannibal

Every Thai child knows that if they misbehave, Si Ouey will be around the corner to get them and eat their livers.

Review of Operation Mekong: The Straight Dope

The movie hooked us harder than a fiend on a batch of Naw Kham’s yaba. But we're not buying whatever it's trying to sell us.

Myanmar’s Apocalyptic Bust: The Story of Asia’s Biggest Drug Seizure that You Never Heard...

We write about busts nearly daily. 1 million yaba tabs here, 30 kilos of ice there. You ain't seen nothing yet.

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Man Arrested for Tricking 14 Year Old Boys Into Sex Chats; He Set Up Profile as Beautiful Woman

Mr. Chayanont confessed that he had sexual desires for adolescent school boys.