Friday, March 5, 2021
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Everybody wants the death penalty and the father fears he'll get bail.

6 Year Old Boy Forced to Join Father to Sell Yaba in Phatthalung

The boy only went to school 1 or 2 days per week.

600 Kilos of Marijuana Seized on Mekong River in Bueng Kan

The smugglers disappeared into the cover of darkness.

1 Million Yaba Tabs Seized in Nonthaburi Bust

Two were arrested in the bust.

600 Baht Drug Debt Ends with Man Shot Dead at His Home in Kalasin

He was eating at the back of his home when he was shot down.

Drug Smuggler, High on Yaba, Manages to Fall Asleep and Crash Truck in Front...

He'd taken 1 yaba tab before the crash to stay awake.

Illegal Abortion Drug Network on Twitter Brought Down in Chiang Mai

The sellers face up to 5 years in prison.

Instant Noodle Packets Used to Conceal Meth by Malaysian Drug Dealer in Bangkok

The dealer was paid 30,000 baht salary per month.

Fake Crystal Meth Leads to Dealer Getting Assaulted in Bangkok

The buyers dragged the dealer into the truck before police arrived.

Historic Drug Bust: 551 Kilos of Heroin, 8 Million Yaba Tabs Seized from Hill...

The bust happened in Phrae province at a checkpoint. The drug runners thought that police would be off-duty for Valentine's.

35 Million Baht in Assets Seized from International Drug Gang Sending Meth by Post...

Assets included luxury watches, belts, and land.

4 Million Yaba Tabs, 9 Kilos Ice, 5 Kilos Cannabis Seized in Pathum Thani

The narcotics were destined for Hat Yai.

Yaba Head Leads Police on Chase Through Bangkok; Ends up in Hiding in Canal...

Is hiding in a Bangkok canal for 2 hours punishment enough?

1,199 Kilos of Meth Seized; Southern Thai Drug Gang Trafficked Over 10 Billion Baht...

Politicians kids, one cop involved in the gang.

Joint Effort Between Thailand, Region in the Fight Against Fentanyl and Meth; Focus on...

Authorities from the region and internationally met to discuss the threat of fentanyl and synthetic drugs.

One Cop Wounded in Shootout with Hmong Hill Tribe Drug Smugglers in Chiang Mai

Three suspects were arrested, the main leader is still on the run.

Shootout in Bangkok after Drug Dealers Flee Police

They were caught with 5g ketamine and some kratom.

22 Million in Assets Seized from Drug Kingpin “Hia Kao” in Chiang Mai

The arrest is tied to another arrest from July 2020. When: January 22nd, 2021 Where: Mae Chaem district, Chiang Mai province Perpetrators: Mr. Prasit Sak, alias Hia...

“K-Powder Milk” Investigation Leads to Gun Fight and 1 Smuggler Dead; Questions Remain About...

The drug smuggler, Ple Kamphaeng Saen, was shot dead in Nakhon Pathom When: January 19th, 2021 Where: Nakhon Pathom Perpetrators: Ple Kamphaeng Saen; Bang Min; Mr. Little;...

1 Drug Smuggler Injured in Shootout; 2 Million Yaba Tabs, 400 Kilos of Ice...

The drugs were smuggled into Thailand through Nakhon Phanom.

Father Dead, Wife in Coma After Taking K-Powder in Bangkok

The couple have three children together.

36 Year Old Overdoses in Luxury Condo in Nonthaburi; Found with White Powder on...

He was found convulsing and frothing at the mouth with white powder on his lips.

86 Kilos of Kratom Seized in Prachuap Khiri Khan

The plant is still a Class V scheduled substance.

Thai Woman in Japanese Prison Tells Her Story; Manipulated by Nigerian Boyfriend to Smuggle...

Her letter tells the whole story. Up to you if you believe it or not.

Must Read

3 Year Old Child Abused at Nursery, Parents File Complaint Despite Nursery Pleading to Keep Incident Secret

The story gained traction when a friend of the parents posted it on Facebook.

Man Assaults Woman in Broad Daylight at Market in Kalasin

The man is suspected to have been knocking on the victim's window at home as well.

Two Murders in Pattani Province: Both Men Shot Dead in Two Separate Incidents

One murder likely due to political conflict, the other due to a drug deal gone bad.