Wednesday, September 15, 2021
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It takes serious cojones to confront somebody that you very well know is armed and dangerous.

Update in Murder of Muay Thai Teacher: Former Lover and Suspect was Pregnant; Tried...

Ms. Ploypailin tried to end the relationship in the past but was given death threats.

3 Year Old Child Abused at Nursery, Parents File Complaint Despite Nursery Pleading to...

The story gained traction when a friend of the parents posted it on Facebook.

Original Report: Credit Global App the Next Scam App to Watch Out For; No...

There have been several apps that have been brought up when talking about the Shopping Mall app scam case. One of the others that...

Chinese National Arrested at Condo for Selling “Weapons of War” Online in Samut Prakan

The suspect sold his weapons through an Instagram account.

10 Million Baht, Ultra-Rare Melo Pearl Comes Under Scrutiny by Popular Scientist

There are several points he raises about its authenticity.

Pat Power Pat, Superstar Singer and Actor, Released from Bang Kwang After 16 Years

He was serving 50 year sentence for drug charges.

“Big Khaki” Scrutinized in Thai Press for Taking Commissions from Entertainment Venues

If venues didn't pay, the patrons were given urine tests to collect fines to make up the difference.

6 E-Sports Streamer Girls File Sexual Harassment Charges Against Owner of Famous Thai Gaming...

The charges include sexual harassment and assault threats.

Bangkok Socialite, Peck Sanchai, Files Complaint about Troll’s Online Slander

The socialite is married to actress Tanyares Engtrakul.

Marketing Video from the 1G1 Hotel, Associated with COVID-19 Outbreak, Shows Off Goods

We can't confirm or deny that the girls in the video are employees at the hotel.

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Man Arrested for Tricking 14 Year Old Boys Into Sex Chats; He Set Up Profile as Beautiful Woman

Mr. Chayanont confessed that he had sexual desires for adolescent school boys.