Saturday, October 23, 2021

Brawl at Khon Kaen Nightclub Caught on Video; Batons, BB Guns Used by Bouncers, Who Claim Innocence

Two groups have filed separate complaints with police.

Two brothers from Surin province, Mr. Thosaphon Jainmun, 30 years old, and Mr. Apiwat Jainmun, 28 years old, filed complaints with police that they were assaulted at a Khon Kaen nightclub on March 2nd, 2021. The club is unnamed but is on Mittraphap Road in Khon Kaen city.

The two brothers met with officers at the Khon Kaen police station on the afternoon of March 7th to review CCTV footage recorded of the incident in front of the pub. The footage shows a mob of at least 10 people, which included attacking the two brothers, along with club security guards.

Mr. Apiwat said that he can’t remember all of the details, but that everybody was dressed in black and wore the same vests. Some carried guns, some batons. The brother retrieved a golf club from his car to protect himself. He swung the golf club and then there was gunfire. He was kicked and punched by the mob and knocked unconscious.

Mr. Thosaphon said that while leaving the club in his vehicle, a drunk man threw a bottle at the car. He chased the man into the club, but he was outran by the bottle-thrower. The brother was chased and attacked.

The brothers claim that no weapons were used by them except the golf club to protect themselves.

One of the bouncers involved in the incident, Mr. Parada Sukko, aged 33, met with investigators to tell his side of the story. He brought a black BB gun which he said was used that night.

He claims that he was hit by a golf club and needed three stitches after the attack. He said that the club had closed for the night at the time of the incident and he was clearing customers out of the nightclub.

He saw a car leaving, which belonged to the two brothers, and there was a verbal confrontation between the brothers and others in the parking lot.

Mr. Parada came out of the club to intervene and deescalate the situation. He saw a woman attacked and he detained the perpetrator. Then he went to the two brothers to stop them, because they were attacking others, but they refused to listen.

One of the brothers swung the golf club and the bouncer was hit. Mr. Parada was knocked unconscious at that time.

The bouncer said that the clips that have surfaced of the incident hurt his reputation. He says he would not attack customers for no reason.

Another bouncer from the club, Mr. Waruch Pumi, 32 years old, used a gun in the CCTV footage. He saw another bouncer attacked by a golf club by the brothers. He intervened, identifying himself as a bouncer from the club. The brother did not stop, so he fired the BB gun with warning shots.

He said that if there were other guns involved, he is not aware of them. He only knows of the BB gun that he used to deescalate the situation. He said that he has given that BB gun to investigators as evidence. Mr. Waruch said that he only wanted to protect himself and other patrons and stop the incident as soon as possible. He said that he apologizes for the incident along with the other bouncers.

The two parties — the brothers and the club’s security — have both brought complaints to Khon Kaen police, who are investigating the facts to determine who is at fault and judge the incident fairly.

Two videos of the incident (one you must watch on YouTube, as it’s age-restricted):

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My take: Nothing good happens after midnight, especially when alcohol is involved. It seems like this situation could have been much worse than it ended up being.

I reckon that this won’t be the end to this nightclub drama, however.

Source: https://www.khaosod.co.th/around-thailand/news_6087063

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