Monday, March 8, 2021

Bank Bandit Busts Branch in Bang Bon for a Half Million Baht

We’ve got ourselves a Bangkok ninja.

I’m just glad the guy wore a mask!

When: November 25th, 2020

Where: Bang Bon District, Bangkok Province

Perpetrator: Unknown bank robber on CCTV

Victim: Bangkok Branch of Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Co-operatives

What: A bold bank-robber hit up a branch of the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Co-operatives (BAAC) in a southwestern district of Bangkok today. He approached the bank security guard with a firearm. The heist man rushed into the bank, hopped over the counter, and managed to score a half million baht. He escaped outbound on Ekachai Road. The upside? The bandit did consider the dangers of COVID-19 and wore a surgical mask for the safety of him and others.

My take: Desperate times will lead to desperate measures. From the looks of him, this guy ain’t a pro. With that said, it was a bold move to hit up a bank in broad daylight for an armed robbery. At the end of the day he got his nut. At least in the US, bank robbers are caught fairly quickly. I’m curious how this pans out.

Link: https://www.komchadluek.net/news/crime/450003

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