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The mission of True Crime Thailand is to be the #1 place for Thai crime. Period.

True Crime Thailand started as a hobby project. Ever since moving to Thailand as an expat, I was damn curious about local news. Problem is, hardly anybody covered it in English! Besides a few mentions here in there on the Bangkok Post or ThaiVisa.

A friend on Facebook started a local news group in English in Chiang Mai, which I helped to grow, and it was there that I saw the power of getting Thai news out in English.

The fact is, most of the stuff that happens in Thailand just simply can’t be covered by the major English language publications like Bangkok Post and Khao Sod English. And for a variety of reasons, those two outlets don’t cover the type of crime stories I’m usually most interested in.

True Crime Thailand focuses on stories that impact expats and foreigners by highlighting the most important stories of the day. We focus on drug trafficking, violent crime, scams, robberies, sex crimes, natural disasters, traffic insanity, and local affairs that may impact foreigners.

Every week or so, True Crime Thailand also puts out a long form article with original research on wider crime issues that the other English language press just simply isn’t reporting on. We also go back in time to historical true crime cases — because we love history.

This is a very small, but rapidly growing, operation. As the publishing endeavors grow and expand, you can count on us to deliver the best Thai crime content in English around.

A quick note on our process for daily stories: We scour 20+ publications in the Thai language and find the best stories of the day. When we find a great story, we slowly translate the story to get the facts of the Who, What, When, Where, Why — the brass tacks details. Then we’ll confirm our interpretation of the Thai and use the assistance of a few Thai friends that provide insight and clarity where needed.

We aren’t perfect. We make errors. But we make corrections when they are pointed out. We are not here to sensationalize, but rather, we simply relay what is already in the Thai press.

It’s our opinion that there is a gap in what is published in the big English language outlets and what is reported in Thai. We look to bridge that gap for our readers and provide more details and insight where warranted.

If you need anything, feel free to email: truecrimethailand@gmail.com

I am very responsive.

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