Saturday, October 23, 2021

542 kg’s of ice found in 22 fertilizer bags; 5 smugglers flee scene

542 kilograms of meth were smuggled from Laos to Thailand across the Mekong to Mukdahan province.
View of the Mekong from the Thai side. A whole lot of drugs are passing over those muddy waters.

Fertilizer bags are all the rage with shitbag smugglers. Wonder why.

When: February 29th, 2020

Where: Mukdahan province, Bang Sai Noi, along the Mekong River

Perpetrator: Five unlucky fellows in a long tail boat

Victims: A shit-ton of tweakers who can’t score

What: A tip-off sent local police, Thai army, and narcs on stakeout along the Mukdahan side of the Mekong. They spotted their guys on a long tail boat, skirting the white across the river from Laos.

The five guys fled and started a burger franchise – sorry, bad joke for you Yanks. The five guys fled the scene and never got caught. The cops searched the boat and found 542kg of ice in 22 fertilizer bags.

They say the stuff may have come from China.

Head’s up. The Thai-Laos border is the new hot spot for smugglers. Keep an eye on this space for more.

My take: At a wholesale price of 1 million baht per kilo, these 5 guys were surfing with 542 million baht (roughly $17.5 million USD) of crystal. On the street it flips for 2 – 3x more. Low level mules get nabbed on the daily, but the producers keep on pumping out the goods, and at hefty profits. Busts and raids are factored in the cost of doing business.

Let’s face it. The war on drugs is a Sisyphean struggle. A burden on the side of the narcs, police, armies, and DEAs of the world.

As I don’t expect it to end any day soon, I can personally make hay while the sun’s shining and bring you stories like this on the daily.

Links: https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/1869304/cops-seize-b500m-crystal-meth-haul

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