Saturday, March 6, 2021

4 million red ones pinched outside Fang

Yaba heads ain’t happy.

When: July 30th, 2020

Where: Chai Prakan district, outside Fang, Chiang Mai

Perpetrator: Mr. Thaton, age 24, yaba smuggler

Victims: Countless yaba-heads that didn’t get their hit

What: Mr. Thaton chose the wrong night to smuggle. He endeavored to pass through an army checkpoint in Chai Prakan district, a few miles outside the far northern town of Fang, with 4 million yaba pills in cargo. He got nabbed just after midnight. The army’s drug task-force celebrated the big score. But that 4 million haul is just a drop in the bucket.

My take: Illicit narcotic and amphetamine production runs rampant in the infamous Golden Triangle. The sales fund rebel group on the Burma side. And gives cash flow to criminal enterprise in the region. There’s no sign that the drug war on the Thai border will slow production on the Burma side. A smuggler risks long prison terms for 500,000 baht payouts if successful. Mr. Thaton’s luck ran dry this time.

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