Wednesday, September 22, 2021

4 Drug Gang Members Taken Down in Phuket

Small busts lead to big busts. Remember that.

That’s quite the spread there, boys.

When: December 1st, 2020

Where: Phuket province

Perpetrators: 4 drug smugglers and dealers

Victims: Polite society

What: The efforts of a 2-month investigation and crack down on major drug syndicates in Phuket have yielded substantial results. The Boys and Brown started cracking into the network with small busts, developing informants, and building cases on bigger players.

The main bust happened in Thalang district, where 4 meth dealers were found with 25,000 yaba tabs, 4.2 kilos of ice, and 2 revolvers. Their names are as follows:

  • Mr. Phakdee, 40, drug dealer selling to teens; 7,000 yaba tabs, 1.7 kilos of ice, and a fake gun;
  • Ms. Ratnimol Jai Khong; 16,315 yaba tabs, 1.88 kilos of ice;
  • Mr. Thinkoyao; 770 yaba tabs, .57 kilos of ice;
  • Mr. Karim; 400 yaba tabs, .05 kilos of ice, a .38 caliber firearm;

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My take: The police are publicizing this bust, even though it’s not particularly significant in the grand scheme of things – like the bust in Chiang Rai this week. But the police presser indicated that they were working on finding the bigger dogs in the network. You heard it here first: there will be bigger busts coming out of Phuket in the coming months.

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