Saturday, October 23, 2021

25 Year Old “Pretty” Lures Victims into Fake Online Businesses; One Man Killed Himself After 30 Million Baht in Losses

The 60 year old man resorted to suicide with a single gun shot after gradual losses of more than 30 million baht to a “Pretty” named Deer — at least four other victims were swindled.

Photo of Ms. Deer, the 25 year old “Pretty” accused of swindling tens of millions of baht.

On April 26th, 2021, police found the body of Mr. Thanansak Samatanan, aged 60, in a room at a resort he owned in Nakhon Nayok. His wife, Mrs. Tanyaratsak Samutanan, told investigators that he suffered from depression and was stressed after a sour business deal.

The wife said Mr. Thanansak told her he was going to take a walk in the garden. He left the room and she heard a single gun shot. She went to see what happened and found her husband dead from the wound.

Police in Nakhon Nayok said that on April 22nd the deceased filed an official complaint against a woman who has been only identified as “Pretty” Na Deer. He told police that he had been defrauded of more than 30 million baht by Ms. Deer, who convinced the deceased to get involved into a business importing license plate frames from China.

Mr. Thanansak left a detailed suicide note naming Ms. Deer and what she had done to him.

The letter states that he started talking with Ms. Deer on January 14th, 2020 on Facebook Messenger. They continued to talk on Line and eventually met with each other several times.

The suicide note with full details of Ms. Deer’s actions.

Ms. Deer affectionately referred to the deceased as “darling” (ที่รัก , or tirak). She wanted a relationship but the deceased refused.

This wasn’t the first time Ms. Deer had swindled others out of their hard-earned money. She owned an online clothing page and had been involved in a well-known fraud case.

The victim in the previous case, Ms. Chatsuda Smitiwantikul, aged 30, told reporters that she was scammed by Ms. Deer in 2018. Ms. Deer used similar tactics to scam Ms. Chatsuda, befriending her, winning her trust, meeting her for dinner, and eventually persuading her to cough up more than 600,000 baht for a business venture selling clothes online.

Ms. Chatsuda, another of Ms. Deer’s victims.

Ms. Deer stalled that business, too. She claimed that there were unforseen problems that prevented the delivery of the clothes and the victim never heard from her again.

The lawyer representing Ms. Chatsuda said that many others have contacted him claiming to be victims of Ms. Deer. The story is the same throughout: she lures them in, building trust online, meeting them offline, and persuades the marks to start an import business — but it ends with Ms. Deer running off with the baht every time.

Ms. Deer had been sued and was ordered to repay more than 1.2 million baht to previous victims, of which she had paid back 300,000 baht. It’s been almost two years since she has paid any more to the victims she scammed before.

Another victim, Mr. Golf, an alias, said that he lost around 1.7 million baht in mid-2019. That case is still going through the court.

Mr. Golf told reporters that Ms. Deer swindled him over a period of 6 months under the same pretense: using the funds to start up an import business, bringing in items from China.

Reporters tried to contact Ms. Deer about the suicide of Mr. Thanansak and the claims of other victims.

Ms. Deer’s only words: “The money wasn’t for investments,” she said. “He gave me money more than 100 times. I have not asked for anything from him. I hope you understand.”

Police are investigating each of the cases that have been brought to their attention by Ms. Deer’s victims. It’s unclear from the reports if she will face any legal consequences beyond fines for her actions.

Video of the victims and Ms. Deer:

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