Saturday, May 8, 2021

21 Year Old Vocational Student Shot Dead in Pathum Thani; Suspects Jealous of Victim Studying Abroad

The incident started with a Facebook argument.

Photo of the Facebook messenger conversation between victim and suspect.

When: January 31st, 2021

Where:Khlong Luang district, Pathum Thani province

Perpetrators: 2 unidentified shooters

Victims: Mr. Mark, 21

What: In the early morning hours of January 31st, 2021, police in Pathum Thani received a call that there had been a shooting death at a house in the Khlong Luang district of Pathum Thani.

Investigators responded and found Mr. Mark, 21, wearing a navy blue shirt and black shorts, shot with an unknown caliber firearm in the chest and arm.

Officers inspected CCTV footage of a nearby shop and found that two males drove up on a blue Honda Wave motorbike. They wore all black long sleeve shirts. They parked in front of Mr. Mark’s family home. The victim saw the two men and tried to flee but the 2 men opened fire on Mr. Mark as he tried to escape with his car.

The victim’s mother, Nang Ya, 50, said that she was relaxing inside the home when she heard 3 gunshots outside. She went out and found her son on the ground. She gave him a hug and her son said, “I got shot” before losing consciousness. She called the police but knew her child was dead.

The victim’s friend, Mr. Max, 20, said that a few days earlier Mr. Mark told him that some people he went to high school with were jealous that he was able to study abroad. There was a Facebook row where the suspect blocked the victim after an argument. The friend said Mr. Mark liked to stay at home and never fought with people before and was a homebody.

Police are investigating all leads including the Facebook conversation and CCTV footage.

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My take: This is the 3rd or 4th incident where a young man was killed after a Facebook argument.

The motive seems to have been envy of the victim studying abroad. If we take the report at face value, this is a sad loss of life of a young man who seemed to have been on the right track.

RIP to Mr. Mark.

Source: https://www.chiangmainews.co.th/page/archives/1569104/

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