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Monthly Archives: September, 2020

22,000 red ones plucked out of Nong Bua Lam Phu

More yaba flooding in from the PDR Lao.

100 kg’s of meth found in fertilizer bags; shootout with smugglers

Another 100 kg's of ice picked up off the Mekong, this time in Ubon.

17 y.o. creeper caught with his pants down

Son, if you're gonna do the crime, make it worth your while!

200kg of meth found in trash bags

The 'trash' is valued at 150 million baht.

Former mucky-muck minister down for fraud and double murder

That 228 million ain't worth squat where he's going.

20 y.o. bashes in girlfriend’s skull after puppy love break-up

The jealous fit leaves 23 year old dead and in a cage.

Must Read

3 Year Old Child Abused at Nursery, Parents File Complaint Despite Nursery Pleading to Keep Incident Secret

The story gained traction when a friend of the parents posted it on Facebook.

Man Assaults Woman in Broad Daylight at Market in Kalasin

The man is suspected to have been knocking on the victim's window at home as well.

Two Murders in Pattani Province: Both Men Shot Dead in Two Separate Incidents

One murder likely due to political conflict, the other due to a drug deal gone bad.