Saturday, September 11, 2021

20 Year Old Fuel Attendant Gets Obscene Note from Taxi Driver in Pathum Thani

The note asked for “4 minutes” of oral sex.

A better photo of the scribbled note.

When: December 28th, 2020

Where: Pathum Thani

Perpetrators: Unidentified cabbie

Victims: Ms. A (alias), 20

What: Social media buzzed with a story of a taxi driver with Bangkok license plates who harassed a young woman working as a fuel attendant in Pathum Thani on December 28th, 2020.

The taxi driver handed a hand-written note to the young woman with a lewd message, which was shared on social media. The victim reported that the incident happened around 3PM on December 28th. The taxi drove up to fill up with fuel and parked as usual. The taxi driver then went to the bathroom for about 30 minutes and drove the taxi away.

About 30 minutes later, the taxi came back to get more fuel. He drove away and parked and did the same. After awhile, the taxi driver walked over to the fuel attendant and asked “do you have cigarettes?” and she replied “no.”

Smile, you’re on camera!

He then drove the taxi away again and returned 10 minutes later in a different taxi. He went to the toilet again and asked for change from 20 baht. This is when the taxi driver handed the lewd note over to the fuel attendant.

The fuel attendant was shocked when she read the message and she informed the manager on duty.

The taxi driver is described as being between 35-40 years old. The note obscenely described how he wanted oral sex for “4 minutes” and if she wanted it too, she could follow him back to a private room. The note said keep the message a secret with a threat attached to it if she shared.

Pathum Thani police received the complaint and are investigating the matter. If there is a real offense found, legal proceedings will go forward.

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My take: Nothing like getting a hand scribbled note at work asking for a quick “4 minute” round of oral hanky-panky.

I’m just shocked that the smooth operator didn’t get the prize!

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Source: https://www.dailynews.co.th/crime/816005

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