Thursday, October 21, 2021

17 Year Old Boy Clings to Life in ICU After Being Shot in Head in Phitsanulok

The 19 year old gunman showed no remorse when he shot the victim as the boy ran away — just seconds before, the victim was begging for mercy on his knees.

Victim on left; suspect on right.

On April 2nd, 2021, police in Phitsanulok were notified of a shooting in front of a secondary school. Investigators and a rescue team arrived on the scene and found many students in panic.

The victim, identified as Mr. Phanyos Charoenpakdee, nickname Pluem, is a 17 year old student. He was found with a shot to the head, laying on the ground in a pool of his own blood. He was rushed to Naresuan University Hospital.

The investigation revealed that there had been two groups of students fighting with each other for some time at this school. Parents had been brought into to mediate the conflict. But the conflict went unresolved.

The two groups of students met up after school to fight again. Teachers did try to break up the fight unsuccessfully.

The two groups continued to fight — and one group dominated the other, mobbing them with more numbers and beat the weaker group. At one point during the fight, Mr. Phanyos got on his knees to beg for mercy from members of the opposing student group.

Mr. Phanyos raised his hands in respect, but the pleas fell on deaf ears.

The 17 year old got up to his feet and tried to run away. He was shot in the head while running.

Panic broke out among the students. Some fled the scene, some went to check on the condition of Mr. Phanyos.

The incident was recorded on video by a witness near the scene.

The next day, the gunman who shot Mr. Phanyos came forward to confess. He is identified as Mr. Pattanakorn Netawong, nickname Tum, 19 years old.

Photos of the suspect, Mr. Netawong.

He said that he shot Mr. Phanyos with a Thai-style shotgun. He came to the fight to clear up the conflict with the younger students, as Mr. Netawong was respected by the students.

But during the chaos of the fight he lost control and shot Mr. Phanyos in the head while the 17 year old was running away. After he saw Mr. Phanyos fall to the ground, he fled the scene.

Mr. Netawong went to Sukhothai to stay at a relative’s house.

The suspect told police that he’s sorry about what he did and wants to apologize to the relatives of 17 year old Mr. Phanyos.

Police brought Mr. Netawong back to the scene of the shooting to search for the gun used in the shooting, which the suspect said he abandoned on the road. Police were unable to find the gun.

Police have been careful in transporting Mr. Netawong to prevent revenge by friends or relatives of the victim.

Mr. Netawong is charged with attempted murder. As for the others involved in the fight, police are still investigating possible charges.

As far as the victim, 17 year old Mr. Phanyos is still in ICU, clinging to life and in serious condition from his injuries.

Ms. Chaya Nanraksa, a teacher who knew Mr. Phanyos, said that she had taught the victim for several years. Mr. Phanyos had dreams of becoming a soldier and study at the Royal Cadet Academy. She was shocked at the news.

Two videos of the shooting below.

In this video, you can see Mr. Phanyos flee at the 0:09 second mark and is shot at 0:11 second mark:

This video has the same recording, but also photos of the suspect at the end of the video:

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My take: Let’s hope for the best for the kid in ICU.

Way too young to go down in a fight like this, which at worse should have been a fist fight.

As for the suspect? He didn’t go to that fight intending to clear things up. He brought a Thai style shotgun to the fight — and that only meant one thing.

He intended to use it. Enough said.

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