Thursday, September 16, 2021

10 Year-old Murder Case Concludes in Chonburi

Do cops wear hard hats in Thailand? That’s news to me!

Wonder how he got away with it for so long…

When: November 28th, 2020

Where: Tha Luang subdistrict, Phichit district, Phichit province (location of the murder)

Perpetrators: Mr. Kong, 49 years

Victims: Mr. Sharp, age unknown

What: The decade-old murder case of a drug smuggler has finally closed. Police in Chonburi arrested Mr. Kong for the stabbing and murder of Mr. Sharp in a Phichit rice paddy ten years ago. The pair were involved with a small syndicate of drug smugglers. Mr. Kong escaped the murder scene and has been living in Chonburi the past decade. Now he’ll be laying his head on the cold hard floor of a prison cell.

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My take: It took ten years for police to nab Mr. Kong after he escaped to Chonburi. According to the news report, authorities knew where he’d escaped to. It makes me wonder – why did they arrest him now? Did somebody forget to grease the wheels?

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